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Have you ever wished someone could help you

discover your true self with clarity?

Have you ever wondered what you are meant to do with your life?


At Mission Life, we open our hearts to the families' concerns and desires.


Our goal is to equip young adults with the proper skills needed to handle the pressures of today's world and prevent them from making decisions that could negatively impact their future. We design & customize strategies to improve family life and offer potential solutions.


Mission Life offers Life Strategy services for youth & families aimed at the following:

  • Enabling today's adolescents to better navigate their lives tomorrow

  • Helping youth & families make better decisions

  • Bridging the divide between children and their parents

  • Helping adolescents fall in love with themselves, attain unshakable confidence, avoid peer pressure and accomplish their dreams

  • Rediscovering happiness in life


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Young adults face many issues and challenges -- such as the effects of social media, bullying, stress, depression, peer pressure -- the list keeps growing with each passing year. 


These can cause them to make bad decisions, and they can drive a wedge between teenagers and their parents. 

The consequences of their poor choices can be devastating, and can range from poor health, drug use, gun violence, suicide, teen pregnancy, and so on. 


What can you do?   


"We facilitate the development of young people who are balanced and fulfilled, who grow up to embrace life, its joys and its challenges."

The results will amaze you. They include:

Based on information gathered from each teen and family, we work with them to find the right balance of all individual elements, which result in holistic transformations. Your child will gain confidence and learn valuable life-skills that encourage self-love and respect. Their life will be richer and more fulfilling.

We also work with families to help them understand what their child is going through thereby building a bridge among members.


  • Greater respect for self and all life

  • Better time and stress management

  • Closer family relationships

  • Greater physical health

  How is this achieved?


Our work typically follows the sequence

outlined below:​


  • Life Strategy services to help families

  • One-on-one sessions with teen​ & family

  • Group / corporate training sessions 

  • Visual representation of current situation and future goals​

  • Identification of barriers and limiting beliefs

  • Identification of necessary next steps

  • Follow-up

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